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Our Story

Park Lees Hotel

About PKL

Sitting across from a park amid the bustling city, PARK LEES does not simply borrow from the serenity of the park but rather uses this asset to explore our natural disposition and the soul’s longing for repose. Our hotel offers travelers an abode to be themselves and rejuvenate, close to yet separate from the urban hubbub. We hope that business travelers and tourists alike enjoy our minimalist design and attentive service and derive a sense of quiet peace and renewed energy from the park across the street.
Art Of Building


Architectural Aesthetics

Architectural appearance
The hotel is decorated with a simple color palette of black and white paired with gray hues, and fluid lines that dress the hotel in an elegant architectural cloak, while a crown of irregular black iron sculptural forms around the roof create a playful transition between the building and the sky above. The lanterns in the park make the hotel’s logo light up, like a beacon beckoning the travelers home to their haven in the harbor city of Kaohsiung. In the pavement outside the lobby doors, etched copper plates mark the latitude and longitude of the location.
A green building 
The building’s exterior surface is coated with a thermal insulation layer, while gray-scale reinforced glass is applied throughout to block part of the heat. The rooftop is laid with insulation tiles, green plants, and solar panels that power the hotel’s exterior lighting at night. The building’s air conditioning and hot water use a heat pump and ice water heat recovery system, which reduces energy consumption. Inside and outside, high-performance LED lighting is used under a KNX (smart building) system and software which manages the light sources for different zones and times.

Our Aesthetic

The Spaces

Space Aesthetics

Taking the "traveler's autonomous space" as the main axis, connecting each environment with coherent color temperature and line light and shadow, large-area floor-to-ceiling windows echo the outdoor sunshine and green, transparent gray glass and mirrors in the bathroom, simple and comfortable white desktop, casual details Ingenuity creates a stylish, comfortable and complete sophisticated space, with wood, iron, rock, light and shadow, and fine-quality elements integrated into the sensory design.

帕可麗酒店Park Lees Hotel
帕可麗酒店Park Lees Hotel